Friday, July 25, 2008

Beantown Beatdown

ahh city livin...its nice go and visit but i was ocasionally reminded why i moved to the wild woods. it was nice to see it through the eyes of my kids. they enjoyed the sights & sounds to the fullest. they thought MBTA was the best thing ever and asked questions like what are sidewalks.

walking with dinosaurs was wicked dope. hunter's dream of seeing "real" dinosaurs fight almost came true. gotta love the BBC. after that we walked to quincy market and the hall. falafel..street performers & way to many 5$ red sox t-shirts.

the aquarium was really fab ...jellies and a behind the scenes tour where hunter touched a pacific giant octopus named george & a little puffer fish named frances spit in my face. overall it was a successful birthday celebration.

we came home tired and broke . it has taken me a week to unpack and catch up. back to burning the cauldron fire.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

to scape or not to scape & other yard happenings

garlic scapes...bodacious bulb bi-product....we have started harvesting them....yum ...chop em up & put em in your homefries..mild garlic flavor and very versatile... i am considering dehydrating a few...dried garlic scape flakes...the flower produced by this coolness is good looking too...we have left a few to bloom but they say the bulb will be larger at harvest if you pluck these babies off..we shall see....

i found this creature hiding in the woods trying to scare passing traffic & potential customers. these are the worries of a work at home mom.

this creature then asked permission to jump the fence over into the cemetary cause thats where the other ghosts play.....creepy.

Speaking of creepy ...the vine i transplanted from the Caldwell farm has come back to life ( the old roses i jacked are doing pretty good too).... but the lupine luciousness has left. every year i cant wait until they bloom... i have told the children the story of miss rumphius.. alice rumphius is a little girl who must do three things in her life: 1) she must travel to far away places. 2) she will live by the sea when she settles down. 3) she must make the world more beautiful in some way. so, as alice gets older she travels around the world and meets many people. after this, she settles down in a little house by the sea. she is curious as to how to make the world more beautiful when she stumbles upon scattering lupine flower seeds across the town. the next spring there are lupines everywhere and she is referred to as the "lupine lady" from then on. . hunter wanted to know if she had planted the ones that grow here... i said she planted some of ours but the state of maine helps her. the other annuals are blooming and the not so showy but persistant friends known as the perrenials are considering some new real estate. so in the words of miss rumphius 's grandpa..."do something to make the world more beautiful"

Monday, July 14, 2008

traditions & the like...

Yesterday we celebrated six years of strawberries.....the kids, grammie & I embarked on our annual adventure over the border to pick berries. traditions like this one have marked & measured the time for our family. as the year passes we look forward to the other slashes on the timeline...07/08 hunter's birthday extravaganza which this year will be held dropkick murphy style in beantown. walking with dinosaurs & NE aquarium...08/08- Blueberry bonanza & the let your freak flag fly camping weekend in Starks ME ..flippin sweet times full of good eats and good friends with a little late night woodland adventures. 09/08 MOFGA Common Ground Fair in unity ME ....OCD organics ..maine farmer propaganda..contraband coffee ...garlic & more ! check it out here
10/08- costume making marathon & six years of wedded bliss celebrated as always in N. Conway with tattoos & thai food and the new tradition of going to the ravenswood gallery for a lil retail inspiration. 11/08 the PTC craft fair...(yeah, PTC moms represent) 12/08 - yultide madness with the family at tea brook. be sure to see detailed blogs in the coming months about these events and more